FEI team 2019



I’m Louise and since last May I’m the coordinator of the Boerengroep. I come from Belgium (Ghent), where I studied Conflict and Development. I’m interested to learn more about techniques and visions on how to farm within nature and with respect for natural ecosystems instead of against them. I also want to know more about the realities of more sustainable farming practices and the challenges of these systems, and how we can make land and investment capital more accessible for starting farmers. Someday I would like to buy a bit of forest and introduce edible plants in it that enhance biodiversity. This is the first time that I will organize and participate in the FEI, and I’m so excited for it. I think it’s going to be a transformative experience, both on a personal, intellectual level as on a social and practical level.


Maria-FrancaI’m Maria-Franca, one of the interns at Boerengroep. I am a master student Land and Water Management and Plant Science. For my internship at Boerengroep I worked on a goat farm, I’m making short educative videos about types of sustainable agriculture like permaculture and food forests and on concepts like agroecology and circular farming and I help organizing the FEI 2019. I like learning about way to transfer knowledge in creative ways, so making movies and organizing the FEI are perfect for that. I’m looking forward to meeting all participants, farmers and speakers and seeking it all come together. Lets learn and have fun! ​



Shumi“The way Agroecology looks at the planet; full of potential, strength and beauty, is how I would like to look at life and everything around me. Growing up in a desert I don’t consider myself very eco literate but thankfully that can change. With this Farm Experience Internship we hope to align our head, heart and mind and gain a fresh and more personal insight on food and farming itself. ”





DanielOla, My name is Daniel José Maceiras Rijo, I am Portuguese and studying International land and watermanagement. I love agriculture and have been learning theoretically as well practically about this topic. I am very interested to learn more and happy to share my own experiences. Running, skating and cycling is one of my passions as many more other sports. It will be interesting to see what different perspectives people have on the same topic. I have been practicing some kind of agriculture during summer with my grandmother in Portugal. However visiting farmers and hearing so many other stories will increase our knowledge tremendously. Looking forward to meeting new people.





ZoriI’m Zuriñe, a smiling and enthusiastic person born in Spain. Biology is my field of study, and more specifically ecology (wonderful world of life!!). And because I strongly believe that the planet we inhabit is a treasure (Pacha Mama, as the indigenous in Latin America say) and all the people (you, me, us) together must take care of it, I have decided to destiny my energy to encourage Agroecology. We need to realize that food is a fundamental issue in our lifes, and the way it is produced nowadays a big problem. We need alternatives that include diversity of life and cultures, gender equality, environmental justice, right to access to land and food sovereignty (much more than security!)

So because Agroecology is defined as a science, a practise and a way of life, let’s start the wave!!!





IMG_3496.JPGHi, my name is Eva, I am a student International Land and Water Management and passionate about everything related to agroecology. Every Saturday I work at a self-harvest garden where we grow nice and fresh organic vegetables.  It is a great way to gain practical farming knowledge, something that I miss at university.  The hunger for more practical farming experience was also one of the reasons why I joined the FEI last year as a participant. Because I enjoyed and learned so much, I want to make sure other people can have that same experience as well. So this year I help to organize the FEI as part of my internship at Boerengroep.  I hope that this year’s participants will also gain more practical experience and learn as much as I did last year! Looking forward to meeting you in the summer!



FEI team 2019

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