About FEI

Are you looking for an internship or thesis? Organise a Farm Experience Internship on your university!

(before you start, you could decide to first join the FEI in Wageningen to get an idea about it, but you can also start organizing it at your university right away!)

FEI 2013

step 1: Find a chairgroup at your university, related to farming, food production, or agriculture.
step 2: Explain about the FEI, a world wide student initiative that works towards bridging the university with the farmers needs, and local, sustainable food production.
step 3: Discuss whether you can organise the FEI as your internship or thesis.
step 4: Get some people together (fellow students who also want to do this as their thesis/internship, NGOs, teachers, foundations etc.) and start organising : ) No worries, there are no rules, you are free to organise it in your own way. You can download our FEI Manual for free, as a guide and inspiration to organise it (click on the FEI Manual to download).

FEI manual* To visualise how a FEI should like like on your university, you can use the ‘dragon dreaming method’ as a tool to initiate the FEI: http://dragondreaming.jimdo.com/sources-1/john-croft-fact-sheets/ (sheet 12 explains how to facilitate this)
* FEI Presentations: The (shocking) history of the FEI and ‘Farm Experience Internship
* Interactive learning styles (Barefoot Guide)
* Ice Breakers and Energizers
* Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making
* Related documentaries, articles etc. about sustainable food production: ‘INSPIRATION’

step 5: Write a FEI manual in your language, and spread it in your country, to other universities. If you want, you can also organise lectures, write an article about it, contact the media, create a website etc. to promote the FEI. Let us know you are organising it, and we can put a link to your website as well.


Farm Experience Internship – Let’s start an Agroecological Revolution Together!

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